I just finished the first rough draft of a new novel Miners and I’m looking for beta readers.

Nearly two decades after a human bioengineering ban, a small gang of misfits rely on hacking old hard drives and living things to pay the bills. In Alamo City, they must come to terms with how to handle the power behind having privileged information and biotechnology.

I aim to steep the cyberpunk genre in Chicano and South Texan culture, a combination that is sorely lacking in science fiction. I’ve included bouts of Spanish dialogue, fitting for this Tex-Mex culture. There is adult language, violence and sex but not explicit or gratuitous, and it’s only a small fraction of the book.

I’ve posted the first four chapters here on the site (the first chapter is the most Spanish-heavy) if you are curious to take a peek.


Please contact me here or by twitter if you’re interested in reading more: I will send over a hard copy, word doc or google doc you can comment on.

Many thanks!

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