Tim White - Thorns

Star Wars Manga: A New HopeArt by Hisao Tamaki

A floating city from Jim Burns

My first crush was a golden-haired girl. I had never seen nothing like those curls. She was an angel in the realest sense. We barely talked, but when we did, it was magic. She lives in the South now, with an unremarkable husband and life. My second crush hung herself in a closet. She was always sweet to me, but I think it’s because she felt kind of sorry for me. I wasn’t ever good at talking. Some people think it was a murder - by her “husband”. It’s in quotes cause she was only 16 and I think he was 19 or 20 at the time. There were scratch marks on her neck. They implied she changed her mind or didn’t want to in the first place. Leave it up to local police, I guess. My third love, well, I treated her badly. She left for good within a year or a year and a half. I’ve always wondered what happened to her. I hope that, in the future, some algorithm will put them all together. Maybe then I’ll get it.


Commission for Fast Company magazine, 2014Maxime Guyon

User operating a Tektronix 4014 storage tube, ca. 1970s.

alien racial types 

Damnation Alley, Roger Zelazny. Cover Art by Jack Gaughan.